How Creatrix® will help you!

Creatrix® Transformology® has released the following issues in my clients… even with women who have spent years in therapy – and after finding that NLP, Kinesiology, tapping, hypnosis, and other modalities haven’t worked successfully for them.  Women know they need a modality specifically designed for women, one that is guaranteed to work – and will LAST!

Our clients have been freed of:

  • Abandonment
  • ‘Not good enough’
  • Anger issues
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Control issues
  • Perfectionism
  • Depression
  • Procrastination
  • Fear of failure
  • PTSD (who said nothing fixes it?)
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Resentment
  • Fear of success
  • Self-sabotage patterns
  • Feeling like a fraud
  • Self-worth issues
  • Grief over inability to conceive
  • Sexual abuse trauma
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Unworthiness
  • Worry
Transformology ®

Annette Vukoje – Licensed Transformologist®
This enables me to provide guidance and techniques for empowering women using Creatrix® Transformology® methodology.

Creatrix® is the way of the future to rapidly turn things around, providing profound emotional and mental intelligence principles to you – in a practical easy to implement way.

So what makes this Creatrix® process so amazing?

It’s no secret that men and women are different. Women’s brains function and process information in a different way to men.

Creatrix® is the only process in the world that factors this in, and is the fast-track process to a clearer mind, the release of emotional baggage (including inherited trauma) and a more successful and happy life.

A more centred, burnout-proof woman is unstoppable.

Specific to women

It’s like psychology – but on steroids – for women. It’s formulated UNIQUELY for women’s minds. Psychology would be jealous of the results we get.
We know women are different from men and more prone to emotional sensitivity and suppressive issues, so our process respectfully considers this.

Works super-fast

Big claim, we know. But we’ve seen chronic anxiety reduced from 10/10 to 0/10 in under 1 hour using our method. Gone for good.
It creates an immediate release with LONG-LASTING results.


This process effects the WHOLE of you and improves every area of your life. Creatrix® is specially designed for the female mind to help you realise the learnings you might otherwise wait your whole life to receive.
It’s like getting the positive after-effects of a horrible wake up call, without the horrible event that brings it on.

Based on science

Creatrix® is developed based on the science of Epigenetics. Women are biologically wired differently to men. It’s fact.
Our process works because it has been researched and proven. It’s the future of personal development!


No medication or remedies recommended. There is no substance that can truly fix deep-rooted internal problems.
We simply facilitate the unique process – Creatrix® – that’s designed to bring to light a woman’s life ‘learnings’ so she can take a new lease on life and move forward with a fresh approach and no mental blockages.


Both physically and emotionally. No talking about your problems other than to do a brief assessment prior to the process.
No tears – except maybe tears of happiness after the process has been completed. It’s really so simple!

Video Information

Empty your genetic cup of limitations
But does Creatrix® last?
Six month on from Creatrix®

You need Creatrix® when:

  • You feel you are up against a ‘glass ceiling’
  • You don’t feel content
  • You don’t find joy in everyday living
  • Your head is full of negative chatter
  • You’re not achieving your goals
  • You struggle with self-doubt
  • You feel like a failure
  • You have suppressed emotions
  • You have inherited behavioural patterns that you wish you didn’t have
  • You have a fear of success
  • You have shame or guilt from past mistakes
  • You have angry outbursts
  • You can’t let go of the past
  • You continually repeat mistakes & make poor choices
  • You carry ANY negative emotion with you on a daily basis

Creatrix® is exclusively designed by a female, for the female mind, making it revolutionary in the world of personal development and psychology for women!

Maz Schirmer

Maz Schirmer – pioneer of the Creatix® modality.

How would your life look without these sabotaging blocks?

  • Not good enough – This is a big issue, even more so for women that dims our light, keeps us small and suppressed. This is the opposite of living to your potential.
  • Fear of failure – It’s part of life, yet it stops women stepping out.
  • Fear of success – Yes, for most women this is a big one. After all, standing out, standing up and speaking up and being seen are the opposite of what we’ve been programmed to do over time. This stops us saying ‘pick me’ and so we lose out, again and again wondering why… this is why.
  • Fear of rejection – This suppresses your voice. Of course you will be rejected, daily in fact, at different stages of your cycle also so the last thing you want to be doing is feeling or dreading the old stab in the guts every time you ask for the sale or say your price. We females take this too far in business and it really does get in the way of our success progress.
  • Comparing yourself to others – It’s hard enough maintaining self belief let alone comparing ourselves to others we see as more successful, further along, prettier, smarter, etc.
  • Fear of the unknown – It can be scary not knowing that we’ll be ok to pay the bills next week, but the fear itself can cause the lack. We need to get rid of this ‘abundance block’.
  • Blocks around money and abundance – Lack mindset when it comes to abundance in your bank account or your business.
  • Resentment – OMG! It turns out this is the biggest block to money. Why would you be given it if you resent it or those you will have to give it to?
  • Overwhelm (It’s too hard) – This one is the biggest reason we procrastinate till we give up. We need to have you resilient, strong and able to cope. We must calm your adrenals and not have you sweating the small stuff. It’s not worth it.
  • Fear of judgement – This one is a biggy for women. Feeling that you are being judged by others is a huge hinderance your success and happiness.
  • Putting yourself low in importanceYou are the pillar of the household. YOU must fill your cup always, to be emotionally and mentally healthy. It’s OK – It’s your time now, to allow the fruits of your dreams to become reality. If you do not put yourself first, no one else will.
  • Not trusting yourself and your gut instinct – Second guessing is another of our curses that kills us from making decisions. Sorry to tell you but business is simply a whole bunch of micro and macro decision making. You must be able to back yourself or why bother.
  • Guilt – One of the most crippling killers of the woman’s voice. This one emotion has zero benefits to your happiness and kindness. It is NOT a moral compass. you don’t need one.
  • Hurt – This is so rooted at the base of most of our anger, rage and masculine emotions. Hurt people can hurt people without realising it.
  • Burdened by responsibility – We discovered almost all women had this built up inside of them. Add business responsibility to mummy responsibility and for all the other roles we play in life and you burn out. We can’t have that because you need to actualise your dream.
  • Have to get it right – Arrrr, ladies we are forever wanting to get things right so we can be validated that we are a ‘good girl’. It’s called good girl syndrome and it’s not your fault but it’s built in us to be ‘good’ and so we take that to mean we must be perfect. Good is good enough.
  • Undeserving – This one can be a double edged sword. There’s 2 sides to this. We must be careful we don’t over balance you and bring on entitlement. We are careful in how we clear this one to ensure you ‘expect’ success rather than feel it’s owed to you or that you are not worthy.
  • Taking things personally – This can be a huge block to your success as it can cause you to not take action or to wallow in your emotions.

Are you ready to banish your negative cycles and get out of your own way to success?

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