Who am I?

IVF Support Coach, Creatrix® Transformologist®, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

My name is Annette Vukoje, I created Authentic Minds to combine my lifelong calling for helping others; With extensive professional and further education, and life’s experiences to teach and inspire other people, particularly for my clients to discover their potential within to achieve the desired results they want.

I am an experienced IVF Support Coach who is passionate and completely dedicated to my clients. Also having my personal experience of 9 years with IVF, three fertility specialist clinics, four down regulation cycles, five egg harvestings, 3 experiences with Hyperstimulation, 23 embryo transfers, all resulting in two beautiful daughters – from this experience I know the physical, emotional and mental impact that the IVF journey can have.

My coaching career started as a Youth Development Coach, and soon realised at the end of my IVF journey, that I can use my extensive training to help others preparing for or going through IVF. Knowing it was the change in my own mental and emotional state that contributed to falling pregnant with my second daughter, this gave me guidance to the path of helping other women and their partners with IVF support coaching.

I know through experience that to achieve the best results to conceive a child is not just about preparing the body health, it is also about preparing the mental and emotional state to have full mind body balance to assist conception. Without good mental health and emotional balance, coping through the roller coaster of IVF can be traumatic and life changing experience – I know this well.

With extraordinary commitment to getting my clients into a whole mind, emotion and body balance, the results I focus on giving my clients is the perfect balance to succeed in dealing with life’s difficulties and challenges – not just with IVF. And the gift of many rewards that come after conception, is the mental stability to be a calm and a well-balanced Mum when your baby arrives.

Authentic Minds

Support and Coaching

Support and Coaching

Coaching packages are individually tailored to your personal needs, including NLP, mBraining and Hypnosis techniques, not just limited to: weight loss, quit smoking, removal of stress and anxiety, removal of internal blockages, removal of fear, depression or guilt, creating better communication and understanding between partners, or understanding what your journey means to you, clarity for why are you experiencing the challenges with fertility – I will help you and your partner in all areas.

Through one on one personalised coaching sessions & small group workshops for women, men and couples, I will empower mindfulness, resilience & communication, clarity, mind and body connection, and emotional connection – creating the perfect balance to succeed in dealing with life’s difficulties and challenges, not just with IVF.

Coaching packages can be 6 weeks, to 12 weeks in length, each session can go for 1 hour to 3 hours removing the pressure of ‘watching the clock’ – all depending on your personal needs. Coaching sessions can continue after a package ends at a discounted rate for the length you require through your IVF journey. I am contactable at any stage providing support even outside of your coaching sessions. My prices are affordable and payment plans are available.

Make an appointment today for a free no obligation initial consultation to see how I can help.

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