I met Annette on an online group for people doing IVF in Adelaide. I was right at the start of our journey and I had absolutely no idea what was coming.

The first thing I noticed about Annette was her very positive outlook on IVF despite the trauma she had been through. Very quickly she helped me move from the 'woe is me' mindset to a mindset of what can I control?, what can I change?, what can I actively do to help myself through the IVF journey?

As we were starting our IVF journey we were in a difficult financial situation, and I was in a very unhealthy and unhappy workplace, and it became clear very quickly that this all needed to change to ensure the IVF process was a success.

Annette helped me stop feeling sorry for myself, stop blaming others for the situation I was in, and she helped me visualise what it was that I wanted, and what steps I needed to get there.

Turns out my biggest problem was that I was too scared to leave my job. I spent the next 6 months extremely unhappy, highly stressed and anxious. It was no surprise that we went through 3 rounds of failed IVF with my body just not producing eggs.

Very quickly after the last round I decided enough was enough! No more IVF until I changed jobs, got my mind and body healthier, and we were more financially stable. Our doctor even told us we had very little chance of falling pregnant naturally or with IVF.

Surprisingly I didn't actually fall into a heap at this point like I thought I would. I truly believe Annette gave me coping mechanisms to get through it.

Over the next few months we made some massive changes. We moved the family to another state for an amazing new role I was successful for, we are now well on our way to being better off financially, and we are living a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are finally relaxed and really happy. And the changes paid off! We found out shortly after our move that we were pregnant naturally! Visualising what you want and going after it really does work!

Rebecca Rodman