Seeking coaching participants

After many years of IVF treatment and 23 embryo transfers, I am at the end of my journey to conceive. I am blessed with two beautiful healthy daughters.

Even though my journey was very challenging, I would not change a thing; as my experience has provided me with deep learnings about myself and the value of being a parent.

With the training, qualifications and experience as a Coach, I have an insight of how my life experience and my training can be of benefit to others going through the journey of IVF.

And as this is the beginning of helping others in this area, I am conducting a Case Study of the benefits of Coaching for the support of IVF.

The information gathered will support and confirm the best coaching methods for the support of IVF specific coaching programs with Authentic Minds.

I am looking for ladies to take part in the Case Study. I will provide free 10 week coaching sessions to each lady. The coaching sessions will include the use of NLP and Conscious Hypnosis processes.

If you are interested in knowing more and how to be a part of this Case Study, please feel free to contact me. Annette.

IVF Case Study